Picasso Art

Art is a fun creative way to express yourself and Pablo Picasso made that even more possible by co founding Cubism.

Cubism is a form of abstract art that’s created by adding shapes and colors onto one surface to make it look fragmented.

In this activity we are going to be following this movement by making self portraits. This allows kids to learn self expression through shapes and colors. Be as creative as you want with this. We would love to see what you come up with.

Supplies Needed

  • Black 12 x 12 construction paper

  • Colored construction paper, or other fun paper you have on hand

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick


  • Start off by presenting a couple of Picasso’s art pieces to your child/children. Ask them what they see. This step allows kids to really understand what cubism looks like.

  • Next, with the black paper in front of you, think to yourself what shapes and colors you are going to use to express the way you look.

  • This step is the fun part. Take your scissors and start cutting shapes of all sizes and colors. Place them on the black paper first without gluing them down to make sure everything is positioned where you want it.

  • Lastly, glue everything down. Don’t forget the small details either… cheek bones, eyelashes, ears etc.

  • ** If children are too young to use scissors, parents/guardians can pre-cut random pieces of paper to use for this activity. You can even go as far as using magazines or newspapers.