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Small World Child Care Centers offer an array of programs catered to both kids and parents!

In addition to our fantastic Curriculum Programs we offer an assortment of Extracurricular, Before & After School and Summer based programs.

Check out details for all the programs we offer below!

Our summer program is more like a summer camp without the campfires and s’mores. Whether we’re going on field trips, at swimming lessons, or just playing outside, we’re having a fun time! We also have fun days at the centers where we are busy making tie-dye shirts, enjoy popsicles, making homemade ice cream, watching puppet shows, magic shows and movies, and getting wet on Splash Day Fridays.

Three sessions of Swimming Lessons are offered (for a separate fee) each summer. They are two days a week for three weeks per session. Most children participate in each session, giving them a total of nine weeks of swimming lessons and lots of fun each year.

Every Friday is Splash Day Friday at Small World! The children love bringing their swimsuits and getting to play in the backyard in the water!

We also offer our year-round extracurricular activities including dance, tumbling, and soccer during the summer months. Click here for more information on Extracurricular Activities.

For our school age groups, we go on field trips three days a week!
**Check out our Field Trip Locations Below!

  • Red Butte Gardens
  • Liberty Park & Splash Pad
  • Tracy Aviary
  • Hogle Zoo
  • State Capitol & Park
  • Children’s Museum
  • The Living Planet Aquarium
  • SLC Library
  • Wheeler Farm
  • Dinosaur Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Bowling
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Gateway Fountains
  • The Leonardo
  • Movie Theaters
  • Nicklecade
And, of course, we finish off the summer with a bang! We throw a big “End of the Summer” party at each center consisting of huge blow up water slides, music, food, and a lot of FUN!

We understand how important summer break is to children. We plan out our summer program to incorporate as many fun events as possible to give them fun, lasting memories of their summer break.

At Small World Centers, we open our doors at 6 am and don’t close them until 7 pm to help accommodate our working parents. Parents can feel confident that, while they are at work, their children are being well taken care of.

Once dropped off in the morning, we provide the children with a nutritional breakfast and then bus them to their applicable schools.

-See which schools we currently bus to below:

  • Columbia
  • Hawthorn Academy-West Jordan
  • Terra Linda
  • Robert Frost
  • Arcadia
  • Endeavor Hall
  • Ascent Academy West Valley
After school is over, we pick the children up and bring them back to the centers and provide them with an after school snack upon returning. After snack time, they can participate in the several activity areas we have set up for them. These areas include Homework & Reading, Scientific Activities-where they get to participate in hands on experiments, and Dramatic play – which include a kitchen, dolls, dress up, ETC, encouraging their imaginations in play. There is also an Art center at which the teacher has a new art project each day using an array of supplies including paper, markers, glue, scissors, glitter, tissue paper, cotton balls, etc. which is meant to encourage creativity. The kids can also play various types of games together, including board games, card games, outdoor games, etc.

-Those that are at the centers at 6pm are given another healthy snack to hold them over until their parents return.

Our daycare program also encourages participation from parents by allowing an open communication between parent/ teacher and front staff.

Progress reports are sent twice a year during our evaluation period in order to allow parents to see their children’s development throughout the school year.

Our child care program is also supported by Extracurricular Programs which currently includes Dance, Tumbling, and Karate.

Small World Child Care Centers

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)

Knowing what is expected & usual one at each age and stage of early development is critical & helps our teachers build a curriculum that is based around experiences proven to be best for children’s learning and development.
Each child is very unique and exhibits specific traits and learning capabilities that differ from those around them.

Our pre-k & private kindergarten teachers observe each child throughout the course of specified amount of time, which helps us better understand each child’s abilities, interests, and overall progression.

Small World staff appreciates each child’s culture and aims to specialize each child’s experience while at our schools around their culture and values, which include several factors influencing their lives at home and with their communities.

By incorporating each child’s background & culture into every-day activities, we are able to provide unique and respectful learning experiences for each child and their family.

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