Extracurricular Programs

Some of the benefits of allowing your children to participate in our extracurricular programs are to further their ability of developing social skills, enrichment of an already existing educational curriculum, self-confidence and self-esteem building.  Our extracurricular programs also provide ease to parents since they are conveniently held at our center locations.


Dance is an art form created by movement. Some of its many advantages include flexibility, strength, endurance, mobility, sense of well-being and self-awareness.

Small World Child Care Extracurricular Programs Dance

Small World Child Care Extracurricular Programs Soccer


Soccer is a physical activity that results in an array of beneficial outcomes for participants. Players learn to work together as a parts of a team which helps build children’s cooperation & self-confidence.

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Tumbling is an acrobatic sport that increases flexibility, strength, and confidence. Tumbling includes cart wheels, splits, back walk-overs, back-handsprings, whips, and more.

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Small World Child Care Extracurricular Programs Tumbling