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Our program’s lesson plans are specially created around age groups and individual needs. We encourage participation and involvement from parents like you, in order to help provide the children of Small World Child Care with the attention and learning they need!
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Our curriculum is designed around four crucial foundations to help develop the growth of every aspect of every child: Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive. Learn more about our CURRICULUM HERE.

There are an array of benefits resulting from children’s involvement in extracurricular activities. These benefits include developing social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem! Find out more about the EXTRACURRICULAR PROGRAMS we offer HERE!

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Interested in seeing more of what our schools offer? Click on the links below to meet some of our awesome staff members and take a virtual tour of our locations!

Small World Child Care loves involving parents in the day to day activities of their children! We have created a blog to upload photos of events, classroom, activities & everything else the children of Small World are involved in! We also post holiday and seasonal crafts and recipes along with everything else we think parents would appreciate! See our Blog HERE.

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“Small World isn’t even a daycare to me, they are more like family. From the first day my kids started Small World I felt connected. Being a single parent and having a child with struggles, I knew from the first month of being there that I chose the right place. They have helped me through some of my hardest times with my kids and kept me going with a positive outlook. We’re going on 3 years now and I am so pleased with everybody there my kids adore each and every person! I know my kids are in great hands and I would highly suggest using Small World Day-care, to all my friends and family. They are amazing people and we love them dearly. Thank you for everything you do for me and my children!”
Shealynne McCormick, Parent
“I have to say that Small World has been a great expeirence for both my daughter and I. I attended Small World as a child and have fond memories of my time there. That is why when I had my children they were right at the top of my list of providers. My expeirences with the staff no matter the circumstances have been great. They really seem to care about my daughter. They offer dance classes and karate classes on site which I think is great !!!!! And the coffee in the morning is nice, look forward to it. They are priced right even for a single mother like myself. Give them a two thumbs up!!!”
Amber J, Parent
“I love this Day Care! My children have been going to Small World for 2 years and I couldn’t be happier! They have an amazing summer program! They take the kids on fun field trips and swimming lessons. My daughter has been in their dance program and my son took Karate. Ity makes going to work so much better knowing that they are not missing out on anything. I love all the staff they are so friendly! I would definately recommend this center to everyone!”
Seyonna J., Parent
“Small World, Thank you in advance for all your help, and all that each one of you do everyday my daughter is there. It’s a “huge” relief when I leave her for a day-I know she will be well taken care of. Small World staff are so fantastic-friendly, committed to the children, with continual support of values, rules, guidelines and fun.”
Sarah M., Parent