Tornado In A Jar

Tornadoes are formed when hot-humid air collides with cold-dry air. This is what scientists call an updraft. The spinning of the tornado is due to the sharp change of speed in the direction that the wind is moving. The constant spinning is called the vortex. Tornadoes are a very powerful force that cause natural disasters all over the globe because of how powerful they are. It is hard to get an up close look of what exactly is happening in a tornado. But today, we will be creating our very own tornado in a jar. It’s very easy and only takes about ten minutes to create.

Supplies Needed

  • Mason jar and lid

  • 3 Cups water

  • 1 Teaspoon dish soap

  • 1 Teaspoon vinegar

  • Glitter and/or tiny objects

  • Blue food coloring


  • With the mason jar in front of you, add tap water, leaving an inch of space at the top.

  • After you have your jar filled with water, add about 4 to 5 drops of blue food coloring in it.

  • Next, carefully pour in the dish soap, followed by the vinegar and glitter.

  • Tighten the lid and place one hand on the top and one hand on the bottom and swirl for 10 seconds. This allows the vortex to form.

  • When you see the vortex, set the jar down on a flat surface and watch the tornado swirl.