Giraffes are the tallest animal roaming Earth today. With their long necks they are able to reach high into the trees, but did you know that their heads cannot reach the ground unless they are sitting on their knees? Their long legs give them speed up to 35 mph while running. They spend the majority of their lives always standing. Unlike humans, giraffes only need to drink water every couple days. This activity lets your kid’s creativity flow as they create their own giraffe. Let’s get started.

Supplies Needed

  • Yellow, orange, and black construction paper

  • Marker

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Brown pom poms

  • Pair of googly eyes


  • First, take the orange construction paper and trace your child’s hand, including the forearm. Cut it out and set to the side.

  • Next, take the yellow construction paper and trace the orange cut out, making it a little bigger.

  • Once the yellow one is cut out, glue the orange cut out on top of the yellow one.

  • Then, take the black construction paper and draw circles for the “horns”.

  • Glue the black circles over the pointer and middle fingers in your cutout.

  • Next, glue on the googly eyes and draw a nose and smile to make a face.

  • Lastly, glue the brown pom poms all over the giraffe to make the giraffe’s pattern.