Seed germination is the process of the development between a seed and a plant. There are six simple steps to this process. These include sprouting, seedling, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening.

Sprouting is when you first pot the plant. The seed provides all the nutrients, other than sunlight and water, that it needs to get to the end of the germination process.

Next is seedling. This is when the plant starts growing roots and starts sprouting little leaves.

The third step is vegetative. This is when the plant works extra hard to obtain nitrogen to continue to supply all the nutrients the plant needs to continue to its full bloom.

Next is budding. In this step, the plant reaches maturity. This step is very important because it’s when it starts producing the actual product of the plant.

Now it’s time for flowering. Flowering is when the plant needs a lot of potassium to finish at its full potential.

The last step is ripening. It’s when you just need to provide your plant with water so it can keep producing the fruit or vegetable you are growing.

This activity involves growing your own personal plant. From first potting it, to watching it grow, this hands on activity is one you won’t want to miss out on. Let’s grow!


Supplies Needed

  • large mason jar

  • paper towels

  • water

  • seeds:  sunflower, bean  or pea


  • Fill the large mason jar with paper towels.

  • Use water to lightly wet the paper towels in the jar.  (Don’t over water.)

  • Firmly place the seeds in the paper towels. Make sure they are closer to the sides so you can watch the process.

  • Throughout the process have your child/children look for the different stages of growth. You could have them write down, in a notebook or on a piece of paper, their observations.