When you look into nature, one of the first things you notice are the tall trees. Trees start as seeds in the ground. They grow deep roots and start growing trunks. Their trunks are used to tell how old the tree is. Trees never die of old age; in fact, there are trees that are thousands of years old. Trees are able to communicate using their branches and leaves. This activity is perfect for learning the process of a trees life as our trees are about to begin to change with fall.

Supplies Needed

  • White copy or construction paper

  • Brown paint

  • Green, red and orange paint (or any other color you want your leaves to be)

  • Pencil


  • Using a pencil, trace your forearm to create the trunk and extend your drawing up into branches from the trunk. Have an adult assist you if you need help.

  • Paint your forearm brown like a tree trunk.

  • Using the paint, dip your hands in paint and make your tree full of hand prints. Your hand prints represent the leaves.

  • Finish the activity by decorating the page with an outdoor theme.