DIY Puffy Paint

There is just something fun about PUFFY PAINT. 🤗

If you need a new way to get creative with drawing or decorating crafts, this will add just the touch you were looking for. Puffy paint is easy to make with as simple as 4 ingredients that are probably already in your pantry.

Our friend at One Crazy Mom shared this simple and fun recipe for puffy paint and we had to share it with you!

Supplies Needed

  • 3 cups shaving cream

  • 1 cup white glue

  • 1 cup flour

  • Food coloring

  • Zip lock bag


  • In a medium bowl, add the shaving cream and glue and mix well.

  • Slowly pour in flour while continuously stirring the mixture.

  • If you are wanting to make more than one color of paint, get out small bowls and divide the puffy paint based on how many colors you’re wanting to make. Add the food coloring, being careful not to over mix.

  • Take the contents from the bowls and put in zip lock bags. Cut a hole at the bottom corner of the baggy so that it is easy to draw.

  • Now your puffy paint is ready for you to unleash your creativity!