Almost everyone throughout their life sits and daydreams about the future. One thing commonly imagined is the future house you’ll be living in some day, from the different shapes, to the shutters, to the very color of the door. This activity can be made with all sorts of items you may already have at home: popsicle sticks of all sizes, paint and/or markers, or empty milk cartons or soup cans.


  • First, choose what you would like to use for the body of the birdhouse. You can even use multiple items to create an even bigger bird house.

  • Then, take out a piece of blank paper and draw up a blueprint for how you are going to build your house. This teaches kids to start with a plan. Make a rough draft of what you what your house to look like.

  • Get to work putting your plan into place.

  • Decorate your birdhouse with paint, stickers, or use markers to draw on it.

  • If using a milk carton, or other item you can easily create a hole in, cut a hole on the bottom of the front side of the carton and glue a stick in the empty hole. This way the birds can rest easy while eating.

  • When finished with the activity, cut a tiny hole at the top to put string through so you can hang it out a tree in your yard. As spring is here, so are the birds.

  • We would love to see what you come up with, so please send in your creation!