Paper animals are so fun and easy to make and kids always have so much fun creating their own unique animals! They’re easy to make, you can get as creative or simple as you would like, and they only require pretty basic art supplies. Pinterest is full of ideas of paper animals and today we are going to share some fun ideas to make your own paper turtle! 🐢

When people are asked to describe characteristics about a turtle, one of the first replies is that they are a very slow moving animal. As you are making your turtle come to life, remind your kids that it is okay to slow down and take their time… just like a turtle does. 😃

Paper Plate Turtle

Supplies Needed

  • Green construction paper

  • Paper plate or bowl

  • Googly eyes

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Glue stick or stapler

  • Scissors


  • Take the paper plate and paint/color the bottom of the plate green (or whatever color you choose).

  • If you chose to paint the body of the turtle, put it to the side to dry and grab the construction paper.

  • Using the construction paper trace and cut out:  4 legs, a head, and a tail.

  • Once the body is dry, glue the legs, tail and head to the top side of the plate or bowl.

  • Glue on the eyes (if you don’t have googly eyes, you can always draw them on).

  • If you want to cut up pieces of construction paper to the shell, add them now.

  • Optional: If you want your shell to have more shape, cut a line half way through the plate and overlap the pieces, to create a curve, and staple or glue the sides together.