Learning colors and reading words can be stressful for kids. This activity allows for kids to enjoy and have fun while learning. It also gets them on their feet and moving. Let’s see what you will find to match each color!

Supplies Needed

  • Index cards or paper strips

  • Markers

  • Colorful objects that match your color words

  • music

  • tape (optional)


  • Write the colors individually (blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white, black, brown, etc.) on the strips of paper or index cards.

  • Tape down or lay out the labeled cards on the floor or table.

  • Pick some fun music your kids enjoy. When the song begins, so does the race!

  • The kids race to find an object that matches as many of the color site words as they can before the song ends.

Extra Options

  • If they are just beginning to learn their color site words, you can write the word in the color.

  • For children just learning their colors, you can color a shape on the card rather than write out the color, or use colored paper.

  • You can do the same activity to learn numbers! Have them try to find the number of objects written on the card i.e. 3 Legos, 5 M&M’s.