Alphabet Hide and Seek

Learning everything about the alphabet can be difficult for children. With all the different sounds, shapes, and the specific alphabetical order, it can be hard to keep everything on track inside your head. Don’t worry, this activity gets your child on their feet and gives a creative way to learn these 26 letters. You could even sing this classic with them while they run around:

🎵 A B C D E F G, H I J K L M N O P, Q R S, T U V, W X, Y and Z . Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me. 🎵

This game will teach them to recognize both upper and lower-case letters, pair them together, and put them in alphabetical order.  You can even practice their sounds as they pair them.

Supplies Needed

  • Lined paper

  • 52 Index cards (or 26 cut in half)

  • Tape

  • Marker

  • Pencil


  • With your child:

    • With a marker, you write upper-case letters A-Z, one letter per index card, and lower-case letters a-z, one letter per index card, on the cards.
    • With a pencil, your child will write the letters along with you on their lined piece of paper. (So they know what they are looking for if they are still working on sight recognition and memorization of the letters.)
  • Tape all of your index cards up around the house.

  • Have your child find all 52 cards as fast as they can. Once they find one, have them place a check mark next to the letter they found.

  • Once they have found all of the cards, lay out all of the index cards they found and see if they can put them together:  upper-case and lower-case letters together (i.e. Aa, Bb, Cc) and then in alphabetical order.