Roll A Turkey

Let’s be honest here, we all eat a little more on Thanksgiving than we normally would eat for dinner. However, it’s not your typical dinner, so we will look past that. While we love the extra time we spend around the table, the extra helpings of food we eat, and the fun conversation, the kids can get a little bored. We found this fun game on Unoriginal Mom’s blog and thought it was a perfect solution! Print out this cute game, grab some dice and M&M’s and they’re set! This fun game will keep them busy and entertained while you enjoy your holiday meal.


  • First download and print the “Role A Turkey” game file on white cardstock.

  • The file contains two cards per page. So cut out the cards and hand out one card per child.

  • Set out some die and M&M’s for each child.

How to Play “Roll A Turkey”

  • Distribute a “Roll a Turkey” game card and a stack of M&Ms to each child.

  • The youngest child goes first, by rolling a die.

  • The number on the die dictates the color of the M&M that the child may place on their turkey.

  • If the child rolls a 6, they are able to place any color M&M.

  • Only 1 M&M can be placed per turn.

  • If there is no available space (i.e., the child rolls a 2, but the red spots are full), no M&M can be placed and play moves onto the next player.

  • The goal is to fill all of the available spots on the “Roll a Turkey” game card.