Father’s Day is next weekend! 🤩

It’s a day we set aside to honor and give thanks to the dads and other important male figures in people’s lives. It gives us the opportunity to show our love and appreciation to these special people. Dad’s want to know they’re important too, and what better way than a homemade card from their favorite little people?

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Bowtie pasta

  • Buttons


  • Using scissors cut the 8×11 cardstock in half.

  • Take a half sheet of cardstock and fold it in half.

  • While the cardstock is folded, make two cuts 1.5 inches at the top of the card, leaving two inches that are not cut in the middle. Make sure you only cut the top half of the folded paper, leaving the back untouched.

  • Unfold the paper and cut the strip off the back of the card.

  • Take the cut slits and fold them towards each other making the collar of the shirt.

  • In the middle of the collar, glue down the bowtie pasta and follow it with buttons all the way down. Usually needs three or four buttons. TIP: Hot glue works well.

  • Write on the inside and put a smile on your dad’s face.