Recycled Art

Parents and kids all over the country have suddenly found themselves in a new situation, displacing kids from their schools and daily routine due to the coronavirus. Do you find yourself scrambling to figure out what to do with your child/children during the day or how to cultivate a space where they can continue to learn on a daily basis? Here’s a fun activity that your children can do with things they find around the house! Keep in mind, there’s no “right” way to do this.

Recycled Materials Painting

Directions / Preparation

  • Set aside a space or, if the weather permits, you can even do this outside to get fresh air.

  • Grab materials you’ve already got on hand such as; cereal boxes, milk cartons, plastic bottles, newspaper, magazines, toilet paper/ paper towel rolls, egg cartons and cans.

  • Bust out the paint, markers, glue, scissors, and whatever else you need to feel creative.

  • Watch your kids create art, leaving them to explore it in a whole new way.