Painted Kindness Rocks

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to spread some love and positivity around this weekend, try this with your kids! It’s such a simple, yet fun and creative activity and I can guarantee that your home will be filled with positive vibes and feelings with this activity! The best thing is that kids of all ages have fun doing these, so it’s something you can do as a family, regardless of the ages in your family. Teens will have just as much fun as little kids.

You can find the tutorial on how to paint rocks in our The Rocks that Keep On Giving post. Find some great rocks, give them a good cleaning and let your creativity flow! Once you’re done, hide your rocks around your neighborhood, on neighbor’s doorsteps, at the park, or along your favorite hiking trail. Spread love to those around you with this great activity!

Below are tons of ideas of cute rock paintings. Use these as your starting point, go crazy on Pinterest, or just let your own creativity flow! Click on the pictures to link to their original pin on Pinterest, most of them have even MORE ideas! Have FUN!!