Miss Elise joined Small World in June 2018 as our 2’s teacher. She is such a joy for these little ones and is always so excited to greet them each morning as they arrive. She enjoys planning the art and crafts activities matching our weekly themes and reading stories. Elise is one of the most punctual and reliable teachers we have here, she ensures her classroom has consistency and love. We are so glad that she likes spending her days with these growing young friends and takes such great care of them. Thanks for all you do!!

Elise, Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


Shelly, Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


Miss Shelly joined our Small World staff in December of 2017 as one of our amazing infant room teachers. We have grown to rely on her steady, caring, motherly instincts in caring for our precious little ones.
We love Shelly’s creative skills. Her bulletin boards are always a favorite and the art projects she puts together for our babies are amazing. Shelly can usually be found snuggling a baby, reading a book to a little one, or scrubbing something! We are so grateful for the commitment and dedication she brings with her to work. Thank you, Miss Shelly, for the hard work you do every day!