If you are struggling to find a face mask, there are multiple ways to make one with items around your house. It’s as simple as a bandana, 2 rubber bands or hair ties, and a coffee filter.

The first step is to get a coffee filter and cut it in half. After it is cut in half, put it to the side and grab your bandana. Placing the bandana on a hard surface, fold it in half. Now, grab the top half of the coffee filter and place it in the middle of the folded bandana. With the coffee filter in place, fold the top half of the bandana towards the middle of the coffee filter and repeat with the bottom half. At this point, you should have a rectangle in front of you. Next, take the two rubber bands and place them around the bandana 6 inches apart and fold the fabric ends into the rubber bands. If needing more support, hot glue works perfectly to get the fabric in place or even safety pins work too! Finally, you have a mask of your own and can help be a part of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Please stay inside as much as possible and don’t go outside without your mask.

Video Instructions:

For video instructions, check out’s video here!