Baylor is our sweet little friend who was recently diagnosed with a severe case of Chiari Malformation, a malformation of the brain. He had surgery on Monday to repair it and everything went well! Due to the surgery, he was required to stay in the ICU and will need 24/7 personal care for 4-6 weeks. As you can imagine, brain surgery is very expensive. But when your baby needs something as major as brain surgery, you schedule the surgery and figure out how to pay for it later. We were determined to help this amazing family by raising the out of pocket expenses they will be responsible for, after their insurance coverage.

His mom is an amazing teacher at Small World Child Care, West Jordan location, and Baylor is one of our sweet little friends who attends there. Small World Child Care is a family and family help family when they need it. Someone in our family needed our help. We enlisted our Small World family, our amazing community that we live in, and all of our friends to help with Baylor’s medical costs.

We held a taco fundraiser for them at Small World Child Care of West Jordan on Saturday, September 28. Baylor LOVES tacos! We had taco lunch plates, tons of awesome local businesses donated really great items for the raffle and silent auction, we sold yummy baked goods, Master B did board breaking with the kids, and we had a ton of fun!

If you weren’t able to make it for tacos, please donate! You can make donations at either Small World Child Care location, go into any Mountain America branch and donate to “Tacos for Baylor”, or through gofundme.com/tacos-for-baylor.

It was a really great event and so many wonderful people came to support Baylor! Baylor was released from the hospital on Friday and was so excited that he could make it to the event! Thank you to everyone that came to show support for this sweet family and those that made quiet financial donations! We were able to raise a substantial amount to help Baylor and we couldn’t have done it without you!!

SPECIAL THANKS to our local businesses for donating gifts, their time, and support to Baylor’s family!!

  • Mountain America Credit Union
  • Karl Malone Toyota
  • Impact Martial Arts
  • Cents of Style
  • Proper Burger
  • Sizzling Platter (Duncan Donuts, Little Caesars, Wing Stop)
  • Jack’s Donuts 
  • Nickelcade
  • 31 Bags
  • West Jordan Jazzercise
  • The Farm @ Gardner Village