Solar S’mores – Solar Oven for kids

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love making s’mores when we go camping.

It is their absolute favorite and they are always asking to make them at home.

I found a fun way to help them make them this summer without a camp fire. Its also a great way to help your school agers learn a little bit of science with their cooking! What a fun activity that we can do during the summer.

Solar S’mores



  • Use a box cutter or knife to carefully cut the lid of a pizza box on 3 sides, leaving it attached on the back end.

  • Line the inside of the box with foil. Then, tightly cover the opening that you cut with clear plastic wrap. I found this diagram from Science U very helpful.

  • They lined the bottom of the box with black paper. You can do that, or you can just use foil like we did.

  • Have kids build s’mores, and then place them into the solar oven.  Once the s’mores are in the box, close the portion of the lid covered in plastic wrap, and then prop the foil-covered flap open.

  • It is now time to observe and wait……

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