Seven Tips for Raising Responsible Children

Most parents share a common goal, which is to help their children grow into responsible adults. At times it can become difficult to know how to handle each thing that comes up with our children.  To help parents toward achieving this goal, Cornell University created a parent guide that identifies seven parenting tips that are worth considering.

Don’t do things for your children that they can do for themselves.

-Kids of all ages can help with chores and get themselves dressed each day.

-Instead of doing everything for your child, help them learn to do it themselves.

Be clear and consistent about your expectations.

-Be sure your children understand the rules.

-Always give advanced notice if you expect certain behavior.

Teach skills and give positive feedback.

-Give positive and specific feedback for a job well done.

-Don’t just tell your child what to do, include how to do it.

Create a home that helps children act responsibly.

-Make sure children know where to find cleaning supplies to do their chores.

-Work with your children to organize their space.

Teach children that mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

-Try not to over-react when your child makes a mistake.

-Help your child view mistakes as a time to make new plans and take better actions in the future.

Let children experience the natural consequences of their behavior.

-Don’t be a “helicopter” parent who always rushes into fix children’s mistakes, unless it is dangerous to their safety.

-Instead, let children experience the results of their actions.

Be a positive role model.

-Speak positively about your work and chores. Don’t always complain. Take pride in things you do.

-When you make a mistake, admit it and show how you correct it.

These tips come from the publication found at: under “Resources for You”.