Miss Brigitte

Miss Brigitte recently joined our Small World team and we have ever so enjoyed her!  She has a great personality and demeanor and gets along well with other co-teachers, staff and parents.  She works hard with our Infants and ensures they are happy and healthy each and every day!  When there are changes in their daily routine she is quick to inform management so that parents are kept abreast of potential health concerns and needs.  Her thoroughness and attentiveness to the youngest ones in our care is so appreciated.  Keep up the great work!!

WJ Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


WV Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care

Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa joined our Small World staff in December of 2016 as our Two’s teacher. Since then she has moved to our Toddler classroom and has been an amazing addition to that program. Lisa is sweet, patient, and reliable.  She is always the calm voice in a storm of crazy toddlers! We love her ideas and vast knowledge of how to care for these children.

We are so glad to have Miss Lisa as part of our amazing staff and look forward to many years to come!