Miss Alecia

Miss Alecia is our wonderful Two’s teacher. She works hard with our 2 year olds, building the skills they need in the next classroom. She is so kind and sweet and loves our Two year old class!

Miss Alecia joined our team in June 2019. Even though some days are harder than others, as you can imagine,  she loves her class!

She enjoys taking them outside, reading and singing songs to them.

Thank you, Miss Alecia, for all you do! We couldn’t do it without you!


Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa joined our staff in December of 2016. She has done excellent work in the toddler class and is now working with our crazy two year olds.
Lisa is loving, patient, and calm under pressure. She can put aside personal issues and focus on the task at hand. Every day she comes ready to give her very best to the children and families of Small World. We love her sweet way of talking with the children and the fact that even a terrible two’s tantrum doesn’t rattle her.
We want to thank Miss Lisa for the years of hard work and dedication she has given to Small World. We love you Miss Lisa!