Miss Charlotte

Charlotte has been with Small World for 6 ½ years as our 3-4 year old Lead Teacher.  She does an amazing job with classroom organization and curriculum planning.  Her children are always well prepared to enter the Pre-School program.  Charlotte can be found on the floor leading the class in exercise activities or at the tables joining her younger friends for group play.  She is responsible and dependable, we can count on her to be here and busy each scheduled shift.  Charlotte is a terrific team-player; she assists wherever and whenever the need is, and always with a hug and a smile.  If someone needs a good pick-me-up or a friend, they can find it in her!  We sure appreciate the 110% that is given each and every day – Thank you!!

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Miss Nachelle

Miss Nachelle joined our Small World staff in July of 2018. She jumped into our School Age Summer program with both feet and since then has done amazing things with our School Age class. Nachelle is creative, caring, and compassionate. The children have grown to enjoy her daily crafts and interesting activities. She is always thinking about ways to improve their days while with they are at Small World. Parents, staff, and the kids have all noticed a positive change in the way the class feels and functions since she came in.  Thank you, Nachelle, for choosing us to share your talents with us! We look forward to many great days ahead.