Molar Man

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! We had a visit from Molar Man, who came and taught us all about the importance of taking good care of our teeth and gums. He taught us all about the importance of brushing correctly, flossing, and having good eating habits. He told us all about the other superheros: Dr. Diet, Incisor Girl, Agent Fluoride, Sergeant Sealer and the others. He also warned us about his archenemy, Cavity Miner – how you get cavities and how to prevent them, and the other villains: Professor Plaque, The Infector, Ginger Vitis and Halle Tosis. We also learned how important it is to visit the dentist twice a year. It was a very fun visit from Molar Man! You can learn more about Molar Man and proper dental health by visiting