Miss Carmen

Miss Carmen has worked with Small World for 4 years and has found so much joy in the children and teachers that have passed through our doors. As Director, she wears many hats and you can often find her helping throughout all aspects of the center. As our Food Program Administrator, she has a great partnership with our cook to ensure the children receive healthy meals. Miss Carmen’s happiest moments are when parents share stories of how the teachers are touching their children’s lives. She loves visiting each of the classrooms and taking pictures of singing, storytime, and activities the children are engaged in. On her personal time, she loves to travel and work toward hitting her goal of visiting all 50 states (only 2 left!).  She has found that the secret to good health is working with happy children; they are her key to a full and happy life. Thank you for all you do for us!!


Miss Heather

Miss Heather has been with Small World since May of 2011. She is our Staff Team Leader as well as our 4th Management person. She has worked in every class with every age group during her time at Small World and has touched countless lives with her steady, creative, and developmentally appropriate teaching.
Heather has put the time and effort into her education achieving an AA and CDA in early childhood. Her skills show daily and we benefit from her commitment to education and self-betterment. Small World would not be the same without Heather. We cannot tell her too much or too often how much we appreciate her and all she does for the Staff, Children and Parents at our Center.