Miss Ashley

Miss Ashley has worked at Small World for over 2 years and is nothing shy of absolutely amazing!  She loves working and playing with our Toddlers and young 2’s.  They complete the best projects and crafts!  We appreciate Ashley’s willingness to help out wherever needed and taking on any task, no matter how big or small.  She always has a smile and rarely misses a day of work, her dependability is outstanding!  The children sure know a good teacher when they see one, Miss Ashley receives hugs from all the kids who think she is wonderful all day long!  Thank you for being so dedicated to keeping the children in our care safe, clean and happy. Keep up the great work!!

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Miss Ashley, Small World Child Care


Small World Child Care

Miss Willow

Miss Willow joined our staff March of 2018 as our afternoon 3 & 4’s teacher. She is such a sweet, bubbly, energetic addition to our staff. Willow is such a patient person, who can always find a smile even when the day is hard. She is a wonderful team player, being flexible and helping in whichever classroom needs extra help, and changing her shifts to help meet the needs of our school.
We are so glad the Willow is one of our Small World staff and we look forward to long future with her around!