Humanitarian Trip

Our West Jordan center director, Michelle, had an amazing opportunity to go on a Humanitarian Service trip to Eswatini, Africa. The trip was with Adventures in Missions, a local non-profit organization. The group volunteered at a Carepoint, which is a refuge in which children can go to be cared for, play safely and have some basic needs met which includes a hot meal and safe drinking water. Previously, the mission had built a preschool building for the young children who are not old enough to enter grade school. During this trip, the group finished the painting of the preschool building and brought supplies to furnish it. They also planted a field at the carepoint, with several crops to help supply the children with different fruits and vegetables.

During the time there, the also did home visits to many of the children’s homesteads. On a home visit, they would provide the family with packages of food and other household essentials. They would provide service at many of the homesteads as well, such as painting, installing water tanks, plowing fields and even bringing a new wheelchair to a paraplegic friend

On the last day in Africa, they went on a Safari in South  Africa at Kruger Safari Park. It is always said that it is a good day when you see 3 of “The Big 5” (Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinos, Lions, Leopards). This day was extra special, as they were able to see all 5, as well as a hippo sighting which is a bit more rare. They even had a very rare Cheetah sighting.

Michelle describes this trip as magical and a once in a life time experience.