Ghost Paper Plate Craft

Crafting up Spooky Fun with Our Little Ghouls! Making Halloween ghost crafts with kids is bewitching way to get creative and embrace the spook-tacular spirit of the season.  Join us Boo-tiful craft!

Ghost Paper Plates


  • White Paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Black Cardstock

  • Glue Tape

  • Scotch Tape

  • Tissue Paper


  • Trace and cut handprint- Fold a piece of printer paper in half.  Use a pencil to trace a child’s handprint, along with at least a couple inches of their writes. Cut out the handprint through both layers of paper.

  • Cut out and attach eyes and mouth- Cut out a round eye shape from black cardstock. You can draw the shape with pencil first or  cut it out freehand.  Cut out another eye (trace the first one if you want them identical) and a mouth shape. Attach the mouth to the paper plate with glue tape or a glue stick. Now attach the two eyes to the plate.

  • Attach handprint-Flip the paper plate over and attach the handprints to the back with tape. Make sure you place them with the thumbs up. Flip the plate back over and use glue tape or glue stick to connect the wrist part of the handprint to the back of the plate so it doesn’t flop around too much.

  • Cut and attach tissue paper- Fold open a piece of tissue paper and cut in half, setting aside one half. Cut the tissue paper lengthwise, making strips around one inch wide. Attach the tissue paper strips to the back of the paper plate with scotch tape. Your paper plate handprint ghost is complete.