First Day Teacher Gifts

Our school teachers are awesome! And regardless of whether your kids are returning to school this year in person or virtually due to COVID-19, their teachers are AMAZING! If you’re still looking for a fun First Day of School gift for your teachers, here are a few of our favorites.

We will be behind you the “HOLE” YEAR.

With everyone worried about germs, you could buy them pre-packaged from your local Donut store or buy the prepackaged ones in a cup from Walmart and tape the label around the cup. I love this one because of the idea of backing up your teacher, especially with how many unknown variables there are this year.

A little something to “C” you through the first week of school… CARRY OUT, CAFFEINE & CHOCOLATE

This one is one of my go to’s. It’s very easy to throw together and it include 3 of my favorite things. Grab a mason jar or fun cup, add some chocolate candy, a gift card to a fast food/carry out restaurant, and a gift card to your favorite coffee shop or SWIG or FIZZ type drink place.

THANK YOU for keeping me on TARGET this school year! I hot the BULLSEYE with you as my teacher!

We all know that our selfless teachers give so much of their personal time and money for our kids! Here’s a great way to ease a little bit of that burden, or let them buy something they would love for themselves as a thank you for being so great! You can never go wrong with gift cards! And let’s be honest, everyone loves Target!

Here’s to a new school year of WISHES! Tonight you won’t have to wash any DISHES!

The first day of school is a lot on our little ones, but it is also a lot on their teachers. Here’s a cute way to relieve some of their every day chores and make that first day just a little bit easier on them.


And then there’s a classic Smart Cookie option. Who doesn’t love cookies or being told that they will make them smarter by being their teacher? Classics are classics for good reason.

Here are a few great ideas in case you’re still looking for the perfect teacher gift for tomorrow. If you’re still looking for more, check out our Pinterest page! You are sure to find something you’ll love!

Good luck with your first day of school! We hope it’s a great year!