Fingerprint Turkey

When we think of November one thing comes to mind….TURKEY!  To get into the Thanksgiving spirit, spend time making this fun fingerprint turkey art with your kids!

It is simple, quick and easy! Kids of all ages will have fun making the turkeys unique to how they want it to be. You can even make the turkey facing sideways or front facing, the options are endless.

Fingerprint Turkeys


  • Blank Cardstock

  • Non-Toxi Ink Pads

  • Markers/Pain Markers

  • Paper to cover your table


  • Cover your table with paper to protect it from ink and markers.

  • Start by making a row of feathers with your index finger. This will be the smallest row of feathers.

  • Add more rows of feathers in colors of your choice. The feathers do not have to look perfect.

  • Make the body with a thumbprint (or two).

  • Add the eyes, beak and feet. You will use your paint markers or markers for this.

A special thanks to Cards by CG for this fun turkey art.