Miss Natalie

There is an endless amount of good things to be said about Miss Natalie!!  She is ALWAYS there when you need her, whenever and wherever.  She jumps on a bus, in a classroom or kitchen when the need arises and can conquer any situation the day brings.  Miss Natalie is specifically in charge of classroom support and ensures that supply orders, lesson plans and teacher needs are fulfilled.  She ensures classroom arrangement is optimal and that centers have the supplies needed to give the children the greatest opportunity for growth and learning.  Miss Natalie will be celebrating her 7 year anniversary with Small World this April and we couldn’t feel more blessed!  She is a rock to the Management Team and the support and stability she provides is ever so appreciated.  Thank You for all you do for us!!

Natalie, Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care

Miss Kathy

Miss Kathy joined our staff in December of 2018 as part of our Two’s staff. Although she hasn’t been with us long, her impact on the children and our center has been felt already. Kathy is loving and patient. She is determined and steadfast, and the two’s respond so well to her sweet personality. We are happy to have her & the knowledge and experience she brings to our center. Thanks for all you do Miss Kathy!