Fall Handprint Art

The leaves are starting to fall to the ground which usually adds more work for the adults…raking, raking and more raking! Lets push off raking for another day and put those leaves to good use with a fun craft for the kids. Sometimes it is nice to ignore our responsibilities and just have fun with the kids! We all know those leaves will be there tomorrow.

Fall Handprint Art


  • Leaves

  • Brown & White Cardstock paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Glue


  • Gather a few colored leaves from outside.

  • Trace your child’s handprint on brown cardstock paper, cut it out and glue it at the bottom of the white cardstock paper.

  • Glue the leaves that you gathered around the handprint. Make sure you cut the stems off first. Start with the big leaves that go on the outside then use the smaller leaves as you get closer to the hand print. You can also glue some of the leaves at the bottom to show the leaves falling.