Miss Sarha

Miss Sarha has been an amazing part of our staff, off and on, since 2012. She has worked in just about every classroom, including the kitchen, getting to know all of the children here at Small World. Miss Sarha is always willing to help out in any classroom and in any way she can throughout the school. She has also been our key holder for the past few months. 

In August, she was promoted to Assistant Director and we are so excited to have her as a part of our management team! Thank you Miss Sarha for being so amazing and for all you do for Small World! 


Hannah, Small World Child Care

Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah joined our Small World staff in May of 2017. Each summer since, she has returned to run our Summer Camp program. Every spring, the school age students begin to ask when Miss Hanna is coming back… they absolutely adore her, and so do we! Hannah is patient, creative, energetic, and such an amazing role model for her class. Sadly, Miss Hannah will be leaving us at the end of this summer. She is getting married! We sincerely wish Hannah the best in her future and hope she remembers that she always has a home at Small World!