DIY – World’s Best Dad Trophy

Father’s Day is SUNDAY! I found a very cute craft for the kids to make for Dad.

Not only will the kids have so much fun making the trophy, they will be so proud to present it to their ” World’s Best Dad” To make it even more fun, you can fill it with Dad’s favorite treat. If your older kids are helping, have them make some coupons to give to Dad as well.

Items Needed


  • Paint the entire cup with yellow paint. Make sure to do the inside too! Set it aside to dry.

  • With yellow construction paper, cut out two handles for your trophy. Measure to make sure they fit nicely for the size of your cup.

  • Cut out a circle the size of the opening of your cup.

  • Using your black marker, write “World’s Best Dad” on your cup (once it is dry).
  • Glue the circle you made to the bottom of the cup. Glue a handle on each side of the writing.