Miss Kylie

Miss Kylie is a wonderful addition to Small World who has been with us for 4 ½ months. She began as a floater and found her home in the Pre-K classroom.  She hasn’t been there long, but has eagerly hit the ground running to make sure the classroom is always set up and ready to go. Even though that is where she can call home, she is always more than willing to help wherever needed. Kylie is a great team player and is reliable, punctual and always willing to be flexible.  With her endless amount of smiles she brings joy and love to everyone around her, lighting up the day brightening any room she walks into.  The excitement on the children’s faces lets the parents know how much their children enjoy coming here. Kylie is a wonderful teacher and a valuable, appreciated addition to our staff. We are so glad that Kylie is part of our team here at Small World and look forward to a successful 2019.

Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care

Miss Claudia

Miss Claudia joined our Small World staff in February of 2018 as a part time, afternoon preschool teacher. Since then, she has become one of our brave and energetic Two’s teachers. Miss Claudia is unstoppable. She keeps plugging away in the face of challenges, busy kids, and staffing changes. We love that we can always count on Claudia to be here and ready to work hard.
Claudia has been such a wonderful addition to our staff. We feel so lucky to have her at our center. We are looking forward to working with her for many years ahead!