Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte is our wonderful Preschool teacher. She has been with Small World for more than 7 years and is so amazing.

Not only does Miss Charlotte teach preschool, but she does so much more. She helps out in our kitchen and in our classrooms when needed.

All our children here at Small World love going into her class and playing with Miss Charlotte. She loves all of the children at Small World.

Miss Charlotte is so dedicated to Small World and is such a team player. Thank you so much Miss Charlotte! You are so amazing and we are so thankful for you!


Small World Child Care, Miss Gracee

Miss Gracee

Miss Gracee joined our Small World staff in October of
2019 as one of our amazing toddler staff. She has been
such a happy addition to our center.
Gracee is sweet, fun, full of energy, and the children
adore her. Whenever you listen to her classroom you can
hear loving words and happy songs. When you peak
inside you’ll find Miss Gracee blowing bubbles, reading
books, playing on the floor with the kids or scrubbing
something! We sure feel lucky to have Miss Gracee on
our staff! Thanks for all our hard work!