DIY Bird Feeders

Do you remember the joy of creating something with your own hands when you were a child? How about the thrill of watching birds flock to your very own homemade bird feeder? Making bird feeders with kids is a fun and easy way to inspire creativity, teach about nature, and encourage a love for wildlife. With just a few simple materials, you and your kids can design and build unique bird feeders that will not only attract feathered friends but also provide hours of entertainment as you observe and learn about the different bird species that visit.  So, gather your little ones and let’s get started on a fun and educational adventure!

Bird Feeders


  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll

  • Peanut Butter or Sun Butter

  • Bird Seed

  • Knife

  • Paper Plate

  • Yarn

  • Scissors


  • Spread bird seed onto a paper plate. Set aside.

  • Cut a piece of yarn about 18” long, for each bird feeder and set aside.

  • Use a knife to spread peanut butter on the outside of a toilet paper roll.

  • Roll the toilet paper roll onto the bird seed, pressing gently so the seed sticks to the peanut butter.

  •  Tie a string through the roll and hang on a tree for birds to enjoy.

A special thanks to our friends at ‘The Joys of Boys’  for this easy and fun craft!