Miss Mikayla

Miss Mikaya is one of our fabulous closers. She helps to make sure all of our teachers get lunch breaks and potty breaks on time and that their kids are well taken care of in the meantime.  Miss Mikayla is a very patient and loving person.  She is quick to find the humor in situations instead of getting frustrated or upset.  She does an amazing job of helping make sure our building is closed and looking amazing at the end of the night.  Mikayla is also very flexible and willing to go wherever she is needed. She gets the opportunity to play with all of the cute kids here at Small World; she has built strengths among all ages and stages. We are so grateful for Mikayla and will be sad when she leaves us to go to school, but wish her well in her future endeavors.

WJ August Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


WV Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care

Miss Lesa

Miss Lesa joined our Small World staff in January of 2016 as an afternoon Kindergarten teacher. Since then she has expanded her roll to include driving our buses and helping with all of our summer camp activities.
Lesa is our no-nonsense teacher. She makes sure that the kids are safe, well taken care of and following the
rules…which is perfect when you are taking 40 kids to the zoo for the day! We can always count on Lesa to be here on time and ready to work hard. She has the energy of a 20 year old and can keep going after swimming lessons, a field trip, and taking care of kiddos for the day.
Thank You Miss Lesa for the hard work you do every day to make sure our Small World children have their best day.