Miss Mikayla

Miss Mikayla has been with Small World for 8 months working currently in our Two’s & Three’s Classroom.  Her’s is the happy face that greets the children and parents dropping off bright and early at 6 o’clock!  Mikayla is diligent about making sure her classroom is always in great condition and her kids are having fun and well taken care of.  They are excited to complete new activities and her bulletin boards show all the great work these minds are creating!  She is super flexible and great at taking on extra tasks.  Mikayla always completes assignments on time; her curriculum is always spot-on and turned in extra early each week!  We sure love and appreciate all her hard work and dedication to our sweet friends! Thank you for all you do!!

WJ April Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care


WV April Employee of the Month, Small World Child Care

Miss Cindee

Miss Cindee joined our staff in February 2017 as a floating teacher/substitute. With her many years of child care and management experience, we were lucky to snap her up! Cindee has saved us from many an understaffed day and always takes the changes with a smile and an “I am here to do whatever you need!” She is creative, happy, and willing to work whatever shift we need, in whichever class.

Miss Cindee has brought a maturity and lightness to our center and we feel so lucky to have her with us. Thank you Miss Cindee for the wonderful work you do every day!