Santa Graham Cracker Cookies

Whipping up holiday magic in the kitchen with little helpers! Unleash the joy of Christmas cooking with kids as you sprinkle laughter, stir up smiles, and bake memories that last a lifetime. These Santa Graham Cracker Cookies are the perfect treat to make together!


  • Red Food Coloring

  • Vanilla Frosting

  • Graham Crackers

  • Mini Marshmallows-cut in half

  • Red Gum Drops- cut in half

  • Red m&m’s


  • Add some frosting to one small bowl and use the red food dye to turn it red. Then, add frosting to a separate small bowl and color it light pink by using a smaller amount of the red food dye. Frost one corner of each graham cracker with red frosting – this will be Santa’s hat.

  • Add a marshmallow to the top of Santa’s hat for a little pompom. Then, frost the rest of the graham cracker with the light pink frosting, trying not to mix the colors with the hat. Again, it won’t be perfect, so just embrace it!

  • Now comes the really fun part – decorating the Santa graham cookies! You and your kids can decorate your Santas however you want – let your children experiment with different varieties too. They’ll love it! The basic idea here is to use a 1/2 gumdrop for Santa’s nose, 2 M&Ms for his eyes, and marshmallows for Santa’s beard

We thank our friends at Living Well Mom for this fun recipe!