The Amazing Race at West Valley!

Amazing Race, Small World style!

This was such a fun event that both groups did together. We broke up our groups into teams of 5 children. Their first clue had them start out having to find their own shoes – which had been scattered on the north lawn. Once the whole team had their shoes on and tied, they were given a second clue. This led them to the bead station where one member of each team had to transfer beads from one bowl to the next using tongs. After the groups finished that station, they were given clue three, continuing with a new clue after completing each station. Other stations included: Building a marshmallow shooter, using the shooter to shoot a marshmallow into a bucket on a team members head, filling a water bottle with cotton balls, pulling 10 cards and doing jumping jacks that coordinated with the number on the cards, and eating snacks out of small cups until they found a sticker at the bottom. In the last station, a member from the group had to tie a box around their waist and shake out ping pong balls until they found one with an x on it. Once they had the ball with the x, they ran across the lawn to the finish line, where every team was awarded medals and their team picture was taken.

This was a TON of fun and all of our kids loved it! Check out all of the fun pictures from our Amazing Race!