Father’s Day is this weekend! 🤩

If you haven’t come up with the prefect Father’s Day card yet, do not worry! These ideas are so cute! And personal cards are so much fun, especially when they mark the growth of your children in some way each year. It’s so fun to look back and reminisce about how little their hands and feet once were.

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock

  • Paint

  • Markers

  • Googly eyes

Lion Directions

  • First, fold the card stock in half to make a card.

  • Next, (with adult help) take the yellow paint and cover the child’s entire foot. On the card stock place the child’s foot with toes pointing downwards. This is the lion’s body. Use a little yellow paint on your finger to carefully add a tail.

  • Using the orange and red paint, cover fingertips and press down onto card stock at the heel of the foot to make the lions mane. With one fingertip dipped in orange paint, add a dot at the end of the lion’s tail.

  • When the paint is completely dry, add a face and some googly eyes to make your lion come alive.

  • At the top, bottom or inside of the card, write this quote, “ My dad is king of the grill, and I’m not lion.”

  • Tip:  Gift ideas to go along with the card are a grill light, apron, or grill tool kit.

Hooked Directions

  • First, with white paper in front of you take dark blue paint and create water at the bottom of the page.

  • Next, coat your hand with the color you want your fish to be. Your hand is going to be the body of the fish. Press hand firmly on paper upside down with the fingers pointed towards the water.

  • After washing your hands, cover your entire foot with brown paint. Place your foot, toes up, on the paper next to the hand print.

  • Using markers, draw a fishing pole and a reel onto the foot. Draw lips and an eye on the fish. Above it write “Hooked On Papa” and on the bottom write the date.

  • Tip: You can also throw in a new fishing pole, tackle, fish bait, and or other fishing materials along with this creative picture that also timestamps how old you are.