• Temperature Checks: Every person who enters the building has their temperature checked upon entry. Temperatures over 100* F will not be permitted to stay.
  • Increased Handwashing: All children wash their hands when they arrive at Small World before going to class. Children and staff also have frequent handwashing breaks throughout the day.
  • Parents No Longer Walk Through The Building: Parents no longer walk their children to their classroom; children are taken to and picked up from class by a staff member. This minimizes the amount of people walking through the building, thus minimizing the germs brought into the center.
  • Health Assessments: Staff and children are given health assessments upon checking in each day. Those showing symptoms on the assessment will not be permitted to stay that day.
  • Increased/Stricter Illness Policy: Per the Childcare Licensing regulations, adjustments have been made to the Illness Policy to prevent ill staff and children from being in the building, i.e. lower temperature allowance, additional symptoms added, etc.
  • Smaller Class Sizes: Per the Childcare Licensing regulations, some of the class sizes have been reduced.
  • Masks: Per Utah mandate, masks are required for everyone ages 3+.
  • Touchless Check In: Parents can now check their children in and out using the Procare Engage ap on their phone.
  • Direct Parent Communication With Teachers: In order to prevent a lack of direct communication with teachers, due to no longer going into the classroom, parents can have direct communication with their child’s teacher through the Procare Engage ap on their phone. They can receive instant notification of accidents or injuries, class announcements, ask the teachers questions, and get updates as needed.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations: Sanitizer stations are located at the entrance of the centers, as well as in the classrooms.
  • Frequent Cleaning/Sanitizing: Front doors, lobby areas, touch surfaces in classrooms, and toys are frequently sanitized throughout each day.
  • Cleaning Crew: Our nightly cleaning crew uses a hospital grade multi-cleaner and a sanitizer that is registered at EPA to kill Coronavirus. They also use color coded microfiber cleaning cloths, using predetermined colors for specific areas, to avoid any chance of cross contamination.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our centers.